Officers & Committees

John G. Paré Jr. works at the National Federation of the Blind where he advocates for blind Americans. He extends this work to the neighborhood to advocate in the areas of parking, traffic, transportation, public safety, and anything that would improve our neighborhood’s greatest treasure–Riverside Park. John can be frequently seen walking through the park from his home on Webster Street to the NFB.

Vice President:
Jen McLaughlin has lived in Riverside for 16 years. She works in Government Relations in Annapolis and tries to do whatever she can to support RNA, including encouraging anyone and everyone she meets to get more involved. Some of Jen’s favorite things in Riverside include the amazing street trees on her block, watching sail boats from the BMI pavilion, the sounds of trains and cruise ships, and the ever-growing population of kids and dogs in the neighborhood.

Rebecca Celotto is a lawyer by day and a mom of two by night. She has lived in Riverside since 2013 and loves being a part of this wonderful community.  As secretary she enjoys taking detailed notes and keeping things transparent. Rebecca can be found most nights after bedtime on her stoop or roof deck or in an establishment that serves cold crushes.

Joelle Woolston has lived in the neighborhood since 2001 and can be frequently seen in the company of the Tree Guy (see below). Performing math since a very young age, she took to volunteering professionally in 2013.

Committee Chairs:

Friends of Riverside Park & Street Trees
Jackson Fisher is paid by the USDA to grow plants under different conditions. Sometimes they grow well. Sometimes they die. He coordinates activities for the Friends of Riverside Park, works on greening projects in the neighborhood, helps with the street trees, and schedules community dumpsters for the neighborhood clean up events. Jackson can also answer most questions related to Baltimore City Rec and Park activities in the neighborhood and Riverside Park. Working on a community project? Email Jackson to borrow hand tools for your individual or group project: His favorite thing in the neighborhood is Christmas lights and snowstorms.

Ann Fiocco manages the BMI Farmers’ Market, and also finds pleasure in being a part-time child wrangler in Riverside and plant/tree wrangler at Lowes. If a building is being constructed in the vicinity, she knows about it. If RNA is sponsoring an event in our park, she is there. What Ann loves most about Riverside is being able to enjoy great food and drink on almost every corner.

Website & Social Media
Rachel Wagner is a local business owner and mother of two who connects moms through fitness and social activities. She threw herself at RNA just before transitioning to her new life as a stay at home mom in 2013, and used her mediocre web design skills to spruce up the existing site and boost RNA’s social media presence. Rachel enjoys the small town feel of life on the peninsula and the unexpected awesomeness of raising a family here.

Concerts: Allison Feldman & Scott Ancarrow
Public Safety: Jeff Dewberry
Parking: Jeff Brown
Coomunications Support: Rich Badmington