Zipcar Comes to Randall Street

zipcarWe can’t think of a hotter topic in South Baltimore than parking. With two new Zipcar spaces on the southwest corner of Randall St at Covington, we challenge our residents to think outside the box. Between walking, biking, public transportation, Uber, and Zipcar, some residents may now be able to give up their current vehicles, saving themselves money and freeing up parking spaces in the process! We know this is not a viable option for everyone, and we also know that some people take great pride in their personal vehicles, but just consider the thought that the addition of Zipcars to our neighborhood could be reducing the number of vehicles parked on our streets.

Ready to think outside the box? Do the math! Is Zipcar for you?

Are you already outside the box? Find out how the rental process works.

5/9 UPDATE: As early as next week, Zipcar will be shifting their signs to the west to create a full parking space between the stop sign and the first Zipcar sign.

5/18 UPDATE: The Zipcar signs are scheduled to be moved slightly westward on Friday, May 22. Signs will be posted Tuesday, May 19 to alert the public of the forthcoming move.