Tow Trucks and McDonald’s


For those of you not aware, the Fort Avenue McDonald’s parking lot is a private lot for McDonald’s customers ONLY. It is not in any way affiliated with the Southside Marketplace, Starbucks, Chipotle, or any other adjacent businesses. There are nine signs posted throughout the lot to inform drivers of this.

Numerous residents have reported that after seemingly innocent 5-10 minute visits to the parking lot while running across the way to Starbucks or Chipotle, their cars have been lifted by a tow truck or have disappeared completely. If lifted on the truck, the tow truck driver has been said to charge between $90-$160 CASH to drop it. If it has already been towed, drivers are looking at a charge of at least $300 once they locate their cars at a tow yard. Does this seem fair? No. Is it legal? Unfortunately, yes.

The tow truck has been spotted in close proximity to the lot, apparently watching and waiting for drivers to leave their cars and go somewhere other than McDonald’s. If not, the truck is only a quick phone call away.┬áDon’t fall prey to this questionable practice! Park in the Chipotle/Starbucks lot or in the Southside Marketplace lot, only a short walk away. It will save you from telling the aggravating story of your $300 burrito.

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