Safety Alert

Please be advised that there were 3 incidents in our neighborhood between 12am and 5am this yesterday morning (Sunday, Aug 18 Saturday, Aug 17) involving assault and the robbery or attempted robbery of cell phones and other personal belongings. Suspects are targeting individuals walking on the street, as well as individuals driving cars. The two incidents on foot (1000 block of William and 1400 block of Jackson) are believed to be by the same group of 3 black males in their late teens. The third incident (a driver was waved down at Randall and Belt) involved 3 white male suspects, two identified as being in their late 20’s. Please keep your cell phone concealed, try to walk in groups, and be aware of your surroundings at all times. The police have already implemented a new deployment strategy, among other things, to try and catch these suspects.

CORRECTION AND UPDATE: These incidents occurred between 12am and 5am on Saturday, Aug 17. Please know that these robberies included violent assaults and are not to be taken and are not being taken lightly. The police department has made progress in some of these cases. They have three juveniles as persons of interest for the robberies at William and Jackson and two of them have been charged as juveniles with possession of stolen property.