RNA Elections 2014

As mentioned in recent newsletters, RNA elections will take place at our September 29th meeting to be held at Salem Lutheran Church at 7pm. The meeting will begin with RNA updates as well as a presentation from David Sivak of Federal Hill Main Street. David will be asking for support to keep the Baltimore Beach Volleyball League as a fixture at Rash Field, as opposed to being displaced by the Baltimore Inner Harbor 2.0 plan (see page 33).

In addition to officer elections and a vote to increase officer terms from one year to two, we will also vote on whether to support David’s efforts. If you plan to cast your vote at Monday’s meeting, you must live within RNA’s boundaries and must have paid your dues in 2014. If you have not paid your dues, please do so by clicking here, or by arriving early on election night and paying in cash.

Please note: If you plan to run for the office of President, Vice President, Treasurer, or Secretary, you must live within RNA’s boundaries. If you simply want to be more involved, but are not interested in being an elected officer, please email us at rnabaltimore@gmail.com or chat with us at the next  meeting. We are always looking for more volunteers!