Doggy Etiquette

Park DogSome rules for your dog in Riverside Park

-Rain, snow, sun, knee deep in mud…pick up after your dog. Think of the park as your own yard, because it is. Oh yes, and it is the law!
-Your dog should be firmly under your control for the safety of the dog, and everyone else in the park.
-Your dog should never approach a dog on a leash unless invited by that dog’s owner.
-Your dog should never approach people walking through the park without their invitation.
-Doggy playtime should be centered in the middle of grassy areas and not near pedestrian paths.
-Dogs who play too aggressively (growling, biting, etc.) can be frightening to passersby. The dogs should be separated and/or play should be moved to the lower field.
-If your dog breaches etiquette, a simple reprimand to the dog and a sincere apology to the other person will usually diffuse the situation. (Saying “he won’t hurt you” only makes people angry)
-Your home’s proximity to the park is not a license to open your front door and let your dog go to the park without you. That immediately violates all of the above.