Operation Pipeline Update – Jan 2017

Screenshot 2016-05-12 at 8.56.09 PM
If you’re new to the neighborhood or haven’t been able to stay up to speed on all the work going on in our neighborhood, read on! At an RNA neighborhood meeting last year, BGE reviewed the steps required to complete the Operation Pipeline Phase II project (green shaded area) so that we would have a better understanding of the process and know what to expect. The steps are as follows:
1.) Call For Miss Utility Markings
2.) Perform Test Holes to Validate Markings
3.) Perform Saw Cutting Operations
4.) Perform Open Trench Operations for Main Pipeline Installation
5.) Introduce Natural Gas to New Main Piping
6.) Install New Service Pipelines, Plumbing and Tie-In to New Main
7.) Abandon Existing Main Pipeline
8.) Perform Final Paving Restoration (coordination with DOT – 6 Traffic
Calming Projects)

At this time (Jan 12, 2017), steps 1 – 5 are complete. If BGE has not yet contacted you (or your neighbor with whom you share a pipeline), they will within the next few weeks or months. You will likely find a door hanger on your door or in your mailbox, to which you should promptly respond. You will be asked to schedule a day for BGE/Willbros contractors to come into your home and perform necessary work in your basement. You should plan to be home for the entire day. After all homes within the Phase II boundaries are complete, sidewalks and streets will be restored. This work is expected to wrap up in the spring. All resident questions can be directed to Jimmy McCune at 443-463-0630.

Customers are required to provide BGE with unobstructed access to its equipment. This includes all piping up to and including the gas meter inside your home.