Operation Pipeline Phase II – Update 3.1

Note: There may be several updates this month and in the months that follow. We will begin to reference the phase in the title of each post (since we will be involved in multiple phases quite soon), and the update number will signify the month of work (3), followed by how many updates have been released each month (1 so far).
Update as of 8/14/17: Check Facebook for the latest updates.
BGE is ramping up to complete all service work on this Phase II (green shaded streets) project by the end of April.  Final paving restoration will start in April and likely go through about July.  The existing cast iron gas main will be abandoned in place in two (2) separate abandonments.  The first abandonment is tentatively scheduled for end of March, the second for end of April.  It’s important for residents within the first abandonment area (green shaded area east of Riverside Ave) to be transferred over to the new gas main by end of March or risk getting their gas service cut off.  The same goes for residents in the second abandonment area by the end of April (green shaded are west side of Riverside Ave).
The following is important information:
  • Some residents have been told that they have until the end of April to schedule work. This is incorrect information and BGE is correcting this with Willbros.
  • You must respond to the hangtag and/or phone calls from Willbros/BGE as soon as possible. Residents risk service cut-off if they refuse entry to replace gas line. As of 2/21/2017 there were 270 residences still in need of replacement. Once they start the new gas pressure, it absolutely cannot run through an old line, which is why BGE will need to cut off your service if the transfer does not happen in time.
  • If you schedule an appointment and workers do not show up, please report details to BGE (operationpipeline@bge.com) and to RNA (rnabaltimore@gmail.com).
  • The Gas Service Tariff and part of the service agreement you have with BGE state that the meter and gas line within your home up to the meter are the property of BGE and they must have unobstructed access to them. This means…
    • There should be 3 feet of space in front of the meter
    • The line must be accessible at its entry point, even if that is 3 or 4 feet from the meter.
    • Residents are responsible for cost of drywall repairs if drywall has to be removed for replacement work.
    • The workers may come into your home a few days prior to look at space and determine with you if any part of wall needs removal.
    • They do not tend to bring floor/furniture/wall covering in, so we suggest putting down tarp or sheets on the floor if you have a finished basement.
  • Willbros has increased to 5 crews in the neighborhood working daily. This means that from 2/21 until the work is completed, blocks will be closed and sometimes both one way streets may be closed at same time. (ex. both Belt and Webster could be closed on the same day) It was once told to us that this would not continue to happen, but in order to finish Phase II on time, this will unfortunately be necessary from time to time.
    • Residents may need to use alleys to get to desired location. Alleys seem narrow but if trash trucks fit, cars and trucks will fit.
    • NEVER drive the wrong way down a one way street. At worst, residents may need to park and walk a block and come back for the car later.
  • Soon after an entire block of service installation is complete, sidewalk replacement will begin.