Gazebo Party Volume

A note from Shannon Sullivan, RNA Crime Chair:

Almost every weekend from now until Labor Day, the Riverside Park gazebo is rented through Parks and Rec.  Most of the rentals are private parties of 250 people or less so they apply for the general permit/picnic area rental fee.  The problems, which occurs every year, are the cars that end up parking at the gazebo, which is not allowed, and very loud, often profanity-laced, music. Residents say they call the police on the music but nothing happens.  To remedy this situation I provided the Command staff at the Southern Police District Station with a copy of the wording in the general rental permit that the gazebo renter signed, which states:

“As the contact and/or person responsible for conducting a private event on property under the jurisdiction of the City of Baltimore Department of Recreation and Parks, I agree that no amplified sound/music equipment and/or devices that project sound can be used for entertainment in conjunction with a General Park Permit. The only approved equipment allowed during permitted events are small personal radios, tape or compact disc players, or IPod. These devices must be kept at a level of sound that cannot be heard from more than 50 feet from the permitted area and cannot exceed the maximum sound levels specified under the Baltimore City Code – Noise Ordinance Title 9. Sound must end at 9 pm.

Continue to call 911 if you see problems related to rentals at the park. Now that the police have the proper information, they should be able to act accordingly. If you are not satisfied with their response, please let me know-