Crime & Safety Alert

Enjoy The Holiday Season…
But Please Be Alert

As we enter into the holiday season, RNA has a few tips to have a safe and happy holiday:

  • Theft – Criminals are opportunists and they are on high alert during the holidays looking for you to make mistakes.  Don’t leave bikes or children’s toys in your backyard; it takes seconds to slip into a yard and remove an item.  We have had several bike thefts in the neighborhood in recent months.  Police remind everyone that locking your bike in the yard is not sufficient, it needs to be out of sight.
  • Car- We write this in every newsletter and say it at every meeting, but please don’t leave items in your car.  This is another opportunist crime that takes seconds to smash your window and remove valuables from the car.
  • Holiday Gifts – Obviously they should not be left in the car, but it is also important to break down boxes to larger items.  These opportunists walk down the alleys looking to see what new items have arrived at a home.
  • Alley Awareness – It is recommended that homeowners place a set of house numbers on the back of their home, and please leave your back light on at night.  A motion light would also be beneficial.  Criminals don’t like well lit backyards.
  • If you See Something – If you see someone who is not your neighbor walking through the alley and it doesn’t seem right, call 911.  It is not necessary for you to try and decide if they are up to something bad, leave that to our professional men in blue.  The police are stepping up their efforts to cruise down neighborhood alleys because of the bike thefts, and it will be helpful if residents are aware of the daily activity in their alleys.
  • Celebrating at night – Please be aware of your surroundings when walking out at night.  If you are running, don’t wear both earbuds so you can hear what is happening around you.  If you are walking home from a restaurant, do not talk on your phone and if at all possible, don’t walk alone. (this is advice for men and women as both sexes have cellphones).
  • Travel – If you are going out of town for the holidays, stop your mail or have a trusted neighbor retrieve it for you while you are gone.  Leave some lights on inside and outside lights should definitely stay on.

These suggestions are not meant to scare the residents.  We live in a safe neighborhood but we do live in a city.  The word opportunist is important because you can find opportunists in any neighborhood.  If you are prepared, smart, and aware these opportunists will look for other opportunities elsewhere in the city.