Crime Alert/Update – April 1, 2014

As discussed at the RNA meeting/social last night, the following information about breaking and entering (B&E) crimes is from Major Ian Dombroski of the  Southern District (SD). If anyone has questions, they can contact Shannon Sullivan or talk to her at the crime walk scheduled for next Monday, April 7th. The walk begins at 7pm at the Riverside Park gazebo.
YTD SD is up 25% at 145 compared to 116 last year. Compared to the 3 year average we are down YTD 24% (145 vs 191). We are down in the 14 day 29% (12 vs 17). This corresponds to the implementation of a Federal Hill / Riverside B&E initiative which began 3/10. The SD has detailed two officers to specifically focus on B&E’s and follow up all leads with search and seizure warrants. We have also dedicated one officer daily to remain out of service to patrol alleys. A significant arrest during this time period included the arrest of Ross Zornak for two car break-ins. This arrest has also helped the B&E’s to significantly decrease.