Crime Alert: Attempted Burglary

A Federal Hill resident recently shared these images of two males outside of his home just before 10 pm Monday night. The police have confirmed this attempted burglary. Anyone who sees these men or who can identify them should call the Southern District at 410-396-2499.

Direct from Major Ian Dombroski: “The more people that see this, the better chance we have to identify them and arrest them. We have had many burglaries not only in sector 4 but throughout the district where burglars try up rear doors to see if they’re unlocked. If unlocked, they enter the house steal items and leave. They usually will go door to door and try for example 10 houses and usually at least one is unsecured. Either rear doors or windows.”

As we have shared before, please lock all doors and windows at all times of day, when you are home and when you are away. Be smart. Be safe. Don’t be an easy victim.

UPDATE: Click here for the BOLO (Be on the Lookout) poster from the Southern District. It includes additional photos of the individuals, as well as contact information for the detective handling this attempted burglary case.